Forensic social work report writing

This course is aimed at Forensic Social Workers who are required by role-players in court, namely judicial officer and prosecutors, to prepare forensic reports on aspects of a crime, specifically a crime of sexual violence perpetrated against a child. The purpose of the course is to provide Forensic Social Workers with the specialized skills to research and compile effective forensic reports for court.

Target audience

This course is aimed at social workers who are required to write forensic court reports.

Course content

The following topics are included:

  • Format of a forensic report
  • Identifying the issue
  • Writing an introduction
  • The facts of a case
  • Identifying relevant research and integrating research into reports
  • Analysis of facts and theory
  • Formulating findings
  • Writing a professional curriculum vitae
  • Annexures or appendices


This course is presented over a 3 day period, and participants receive a folder and a manual.

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