Sex offenders who target children

This course is aimed at all role-players working with cases of sexual violence, specifically sexual violence against children. The purpose of the course is to provide participants with an understanding of the types of sex offenders and the grooming process used to gain access to children sexually. This course will assist role-players to understand the reasons behind delayed disclosures of sexual abuse and the behaviours of victims that result from the trauma they have experienced.

Target audience

This course is relevant to social workers, police, prosecutors, judicial officers and correctional service officers.

Course content

This training course includes the following topics:

  • A sex offender profile
  • The etiology of sex offending
  • Preferential sex offenders
  • The grooming process
  • The rapist
  • Juvenile sex offenders
  • Female sex offenders


This course is presented over a 3 day period, and participants receive a folder and a manual.

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