Taking the statement of a child

This course is aimed at role-players responsible for taking a statement of crime from children and other vulnerable victims. Instruction involves intensive information and practical exercises on conducting forensic interviews. The purpose of the course is to provide role-players with the specialized skills to elicit information from victims in a sensitive and appropriate manner, specifically regarding developmental issues as they pertain to children.

Target audience

This course is aimed at police officers and social workers who are required to take statements from children.

Course content

This course covers the following topics:

  • The legal framework
  • Identifying the elements of a crime
  • Problems in obtaining information from children who have been sexually abused
  • Planning and preparation
  • Methods of taking statements
  • Conducting a forensic interview
  • Interviewing tools
  • Problematic interviewing techniques
  • Taking a statement from a child
  • Analysing a police statement
  • Taking a statement: Police Instructions


This course is presented over a 3 day period, and participants receive a folder and a manual.

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