Women and children as victims in cases of gender-based violence

Gender-based violence against women and children has become a key topic of discussion in the international arena. Globally, the issue has given rise to substantial international conventions which have been ratified by many countries. Sensitising people about this social issue is essential. This training course examines relevant social, psychological and legal issues pertaining to women and children who interface with the criminal justice system.

Target audience

This course is aimed and all government and civil structures.

Course content

This course includes the following topics:

  • The International Framework for Gender-Based Violence
  • Introducing and Defining Gender-Based Violence
  • Unacknowledged Violence: Myths and Facts about Gender-Based Violence
  • The Impact of Sexual Violence on Women and Children
  • Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Trafficking in Women and Children
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Online Sexual Offending
  • Rape as a Weapon of War
  • Child Marriages
  • The Effect of the Criminal Justice System on Women and Children as Witnesses in Gender-Based Violence Cases
  • Accommodating Vulnerable Witnesses in Court


The course is presented over a four-and-a-half day period from 08H30 until 17H00, and 13H00 on the final day. Each participant receives a training course file containing the course content, which is divided according to the topics covered on each day. In addition, each participant receives a handbook entitled 'Women and Children as Victims in cases of Gender-Based Violence'.

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